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Reed visits Kennedy Valve in Elmira

ELMIRA, N.Y. -- As part of Congressman Reed's continuing tour of Southern Tier businesses, he visited Kennedy Valve in Elmira Friday morning.
The purpose of the tour was so that Congressman Reed can learn the challenges faced in expanding business and providing new jobs straight from the manufacturer.
Kennedy Valve is one of the world's largest producers of valves, pipes and hydrants used in water works and infrastructure projects. And the manufacturer hopes Congressman Reed understands just what Kennedy Valve means to the Southern Tier.
Kennedy Valve Vice President Arne Feyling said, "The amount of economic benefit that this plant has to this community and the things that he can do in Washington to make sure that is known."
Reed said, "That's why I think this is such a critical part of the job. It's getting out and talking to the people on the front line who are dealing with these issues day in and day out so that we can go back to Washington and put a face to the issues that we deal with."
One of Reed's earlier stops on this businesses tour was the Anchor Glass plant in Elmira Heights back in August.
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