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GEROYAL, as a manufacturer and
supplier of high quality industrial control valves,
is headquartered in England


The pharmaceutical industry is an important part of national economy, it is closely related to the vital interests of life and health and quality of life of the people. Since the reform and opening up, China's pharmaceutical industry has maintained a rapid growth rate, 1978-2010, the average annual growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry output value reached more than 15%, have been expanding, economic operation quality and efficiency improved. China has become the world's largest producer of pharmaceutical preparations.

GEROYAL years of practical experience to help these users to achieve safe, environmentally friendly and efficient goals. General industrial product manufacturers in recent years to achieve business systems integration with other vendors often need to integrate and optimize production processes and infrastructure, improve production efficiency. These plants also need to meet strict hygiene requirements of the industry, to ensure product quality and integrity of health.

GEROYAL industry enjoyed a good reputation, to provide superior products and services. With a wealth of products, we are able to provide customers with one-stop solution valve and actuator kits and services. Regardless of where the customer, GEROYAL can provide localized and personalized service and support through its global marketing network.
  • Ensure the safety of process control
  • application area
  • automatic system
  • Steam cracking
  • Raw material chemistry
  • Industrial Communication
  • Plastic
  • Man-made fiber
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