Industrial automation valve
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GEROYAL, as a manufacturer and
supplier of high quality industrial control valves,
is headquartered in England

R&D Innovation

GEROYAL "Innovation is the source of quality" for the principle of technological innovation, and always give top priority to technical research and development, and continuously improve products, improve product performance to better meet the actual needs of customers. The company has a leading domestic counterparts backbone of scientific research personnel, CAD / CAE and other software widely used in the company's technology research and development process. Sophisticated software capabilities to protect the GEROYAL products in the development stage has been in the leading position in the industry, every new technology development and the advent of each new product is the most outstanding results, in addition to the regular technological innovation to improve products outside, GEROYAL company can also provide customers with special product design and manufacturing to provide services to meet customer requirements for special conditions.
  • Service and support
  • R & D innovation
  • Technological innovation is the source of quality
  • Provide product grade with performance
  • The use of advanced design software
  • Meet all customer needs
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