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GEROYAL, as a manufacturer and
supplier of high quality industrial control valves,
is headquartered in England

After-sales Service

GEROYAL has a high quality industrial control valve maintenance and consulting team specializing in locating high level of equipment gifted;
Complete quality system, run effective teamwork; for the majority of customers at home and abroad to provide "timely, high quality, professional" service, our service capabilities and include:

First, the design and manufacturing standards
Various types of valves offered by our company according to GB, JB, SH, HG, CJ and other relevant national standards and ANSI, JIS, BS, DIN and other foreign design and manufacturing standards and inspection and acceptance.

Second, the product quality assurance system
Our products are manufactured by a variety of test tests, including the test pressure valve, high pressure seal test, the internal leakage test, leakage testing, etc., to ensure that products manufactured passing rate of 100%.

Third, the quality control
1, all sub-suppliers are to inspect, review, purchase all products only in a qualified sub-supplier. Raw materials, purchased parts of sub-contractors provided by the Association into the plant at the time are subject to rigorous review, inspection rear access Library;
2, casting and forging subcontractor provided, steel castings, stainless steel castings have qualified chemical composition analysis and physical performance testing single single;
3, product manufacturing strict implementation of the "double three inspection" system, substandard parts do not turn order, not assembled, not factory;
4, the strength, sealing comprehensive performance test (medium is water, kerosene, gas) after the assembly according to GB13927, JB / T9092, CJ / T3056 standards;
5, my company is responsible for product quality and delivery, from the date of delivery of the product warranty period of one year, lifetime maintenance. The consequences caused by the product quality, the company bear the responsibility. As a result of the consequences caused by improper operation, our company will be the lowest cost of maintenance of the equipment.

Fourth, the product delivery commitments
1, we guarantee to provide new defect-free products, and information on product-related drawings and other technical documents. After the goods have arrived at the site, it will send technical personnel to the scene at the same time free product technical guidance, training, installation and commissioning.
2, to receive your product quality problems after reflecting two hours to respond, is responsible for handling matters relating to product quality, your side until satisfied.
3, the operation of the project I will be sent by the chief engineer led by the calling group to receive feedback on product quality, in order to improve.
4, I provide after-sales service hotline, technical hotline, warranty hotline to customers, respectively. 12 hours service departments to ensure that it was mainly staff open 24 hours to provide mobile phone service.
5, products manufactured pass rate of 100%, a defect is discovered during the warranty period / latent defects, the company responsible for free repair or replacement, and damages. Provide free technical advice and services.
6, all products will be promptly and accurately sent to the designated customer location, with the product boxed product manual and have certificate, such as customer needs, our company will send the officer at the scene to guide the installation and commissioning.
Fifth, after-sales service commitment
1, a clear service and warranty conditions favorable response time: During the warranty service arrived at the scene within the inner 24-36 hours (48 hours outside). After the warranty expires, clear routine maintenance and the repair time commitments.
2, the valve-type device to provide free maintenance for 1 year and free list of spare parts within this period, such as non-human causes damage (except for reasons of force majeure) occur during maintenance free, I will promptly free replacement and repair.
3, the device requires the implementation of a repair after the warranty expires buyer as commissioned by the company for maintenance, the company will maintain the device Replacement (ex-works), and detailed maintenance content.
4, I provide equipment minimum period of use, within this period, the occurrence of non-human causes of serious accidents operator (except force majeure), the buyer is entitled to retroactive liability of the seller.
5, when certain equipment or surname stop production, the company will stop in advance or modified production plans notify the buyer that the buyer sufficient time required for the procurement of spare parts; while I provided the spare parts drawings and related technical parameters for free.
Sixth, I provide accompanying services
(1), installation and commissioning of the equipment is responsible for the maintenance, operation and maintenance training for operating personnel. Provide these services for free.
(2) to require spare parts: to ensure the standard configuration tool accessories and special equipment normal operation, it is included in the bid price of the full set of equipment.
7, my company to the interests of customers first, to customers are thinking, be anxious customers worry about, and do our best to meet customer requirements, good service.
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