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GEROYAL, as a manufacturer and
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is headquartered in England

Mining Industry

Generally refers to the use of metal or non-metal mining and mineral resources. Mining industry applications Valve strict conditions, poor valve sealing performance, production engineering of corrosion and wear problems caused by aging pipes and valves wear and need frequent maintenance, whereby the valve because life is short, high frequency of maintenance problems, resulting in relatively long downtime. Therefore, the mining industry needs a new valve solutions to help mining and smelting process more safe and efficient.

GEROYAL use of advanced design and simulation software, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and ANSYS finite element analysis (FEA), to simulate traffic and mechanical wear condition of the product. Using these advanced technologies developed and optimized knife gate valve, metal sealed ball valve and other products, it can significantly improve the overall performance of products, help to help automate the process of a long production cycle.

GEROYAL mining industry application to provide valve solutions help improve the security environment, to improve the working conditions of the pipeline flow, improve customer facility base and extend valve life and reduces downtime caused by maintenance.
  • Ensure the safety of process control
  • application area
  • automatic system
  • Steam cracking
  • Raw material chemistry
  • Industrial Communication
  • Plastic
  • Man-made fiber
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