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GEROYAL, as a manufacturer and
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Control valve selection
Industrial control valve control valve selection in the selection process is particularly important because it comes to working conditions in a variety of different parameters, select meet the technical requirements and the best cost-effective control valve requires experienced technical staff. Jingou (GEROYAL) Company calculated based on years of experience in control valve selection, independently developed the "control valve selection software" can effectively improve the selection efficiency and accuracy of the control valve. GEROYAL corporate control valve selection software can generate a standardized control valve comprehensive performance parameters, such as control valves calculation, control valve specifications chart, the control valve options such as a comprehensive comparison of technical documents for the required conditions.

case analysis 
Control valve product coverage, the complex conditions that often appear in a specific case, we GEROYAL technical department can offer a full range of valve case structure, materials and related accessories to control analysis report for you.

Provide higher performance standards
As one of the control valve pressure pipeline pressure element in the design, production and testing are required to strictly comply with relevant industry standards, GEROYAL corporate control valve products in strict compliance with relevant industry standards at the same time to a higher standard version for customers to do the design, production and testing in accordance with.
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