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Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is the basic industries and pillar industries of the national economy, its development speed and scale of the various aspects of the social economy has a direct impact. The chemical industry has various categories, complex process, product variety, production types of pollutants emitted large quantities, high toxicity characteristics. Thus, the chemical industry development path of sustainable development, human economic and social development has important practical significance.

Modern chemical industry has been working to reduce emissions, increase plant safety and environmental protection, is facing stringent government regulatory requirements, the regulatory requirements for different countries and markets, the content is different. Neway Valve Valve able to provide the highest quality products to meet the needs of chemical production. GEROYAL chemical industry solutions obtained all applicable international standards and meet the most stringent environmental standards, including the European TALuft, ISO15848, SHELL 77/312 low leakage standards. We work closely with our customers through a global sales network to help customers take advantage of our extensive knowledge of manufacturing capabilities, experience and technology research and development, in the new market opportunities, continuous chemical aspects of process innovation.
  • Ensure the safety of process control
  • application area
  • automatic system
  • Steam cracking
  • Raw material chemistry
  • Industrial Communication
  • Plastic
  • Man-made fiber
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