Industrial automation valve
complete solution
GEROYAL, as a manufacturer and
supplier of high quality industrial control valves,
is headquartered in England

Company Culture

GEROYAL people after more than and 10 years of hard work and dedication, out of a belong to their own, extraordinary development of the road, growth is stronger, the world's leading manufacturer of control valve.

Employee value
GEROYAL actively create a good working atmosphere, establish a sound training system for employees, create favorable conditions to motivate employees to constantly improve themselves, beyond their own innovation, the courage to accept the challenge, responsibility, self realization.

Enterprise value
GEROYAL through continuous product innovation and management innovation, and continuously improve the quality of products and services, customer satisfaction as the overall goal of enterprise development. As one of the world's most important industrial control valve industry, GEROYAL in the industry to establish a superior brand value of the enterprise.

Social responsibility
In recent years, GEROYAL has developed a series of environmentally friendly valves by persistent technological innovation, and has made important contributions to the global energy conservation and emission reduction and sustainable development.
In addition, GEROYAL has been actively take the initiative to assume social responsibility, to contribute their own strength. To support education in poor areas, GEROYAL actively participate in project hope, which built more than hope primary school.

GEROYAL will be the value of employees, enterprise value, social responsibility together, formed its own unique corporate culture, has won recognition in society and staff, to form a positive centripetal force and power in the company inside and outside, the achievements of our success today and will create brilliant tomorrow GEROYAL.
  • Our culture
  • Leading technology, dedication society
  • Everything is customer centric
  • Interaction, commitment, innovation
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