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Oil and Gas

With the drying up worldwide demand for petroleum products and a gradual increase in oil and gas resources, the collection, transportation and processing of oil and gas products and requirements become increasingly complex, costly and faced with a growing number of technical individual requirements . Today, the oil and gas industry because of restrictions by the various aspects of environmental policy, long-distance and strict environmental geography and government regulations concern, resulting in increasingly complex business operations. GEROYAL control valve has a professional solution that can help you meet the challenge.

Upstream: Upstream from the exploration and exploitation of terrestrial and marine crude oil to refining crude oil production. GEROYAL control valve with our continuous innovation and technical capabilities global sales and service network to help customers achieve fluid technology application control and cost control most challenging.

Midstream: Midstream refers to the oil and gas products safely and efficiently transported from the production site to the processing plant and storage and usage locations. General requirements to ensure flexible operations and achieve sustained benefit from the changing global economic and energy layout. This is the biggest challenge of all facing the midstream operators. GEROYAL control valve has a rich pipeline and delivery valve type, operating companies can help meet the challenge.

Downstream: Downstream refers to the oil and gas products to secure refining and refining process at the point of use. Such operators typically require their final products complement the complex and diverse types of valves. GEROYAL control valve has the most extensive product such business types and models to help customers minimize operating costs, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations low leakage.
  • Ensure the safety of process control
  • application area
  • automatic system
  • Steam cracking
  • Raw material chemistry
  • Industrial Communication
  • Plastic
  • Man-made fiber
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