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GEROYAL, as a manufacturer and
supplier of high quality industrial control valves,
is headquartered in England

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GEROYAL put talent as a core strategy of the development of the company, pay attention to continuing education and training of employees, make full use of various resources to provide the best development platform for employees, to humanized management to help employees maximize the realization of self value.
GEROYAL through its own training model, giving young people more opportunities, but also for GEROYAL to create a high-quality, creative talent echelon.

Control valve Sales Representative
Job description
1 、 experience in sales of control valves and related valves;
2, in-depth understanding of the valve industry market and sales model;
3, proficient in e-commerce awareness, with strong sales ability;
4, familiar with the valve industry valve products;
5, a high degree of professionalism, requires full-time;

Job requirements
1, according to the company's sales target, complete the sales task;
2, and actively explore the valve sales market;
3, sign the sales contract with the customer, and follow the payment of the customer, and make sure the customer pays in time;
4 ,  assist to handle the after-sale service of the project

If you need to apply for a position, please call: send your resume to!

  • Talent recruitment
  • Education and training
  • Self actualization value
  • Reuse talents
  • High-quality personnel
  • Creative talents
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