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Water Treatment

With the development of the world, population growth and climate change, so that all mankind dwindling water resources. Rational use of conventional water resources (such as inland freshwater reservoirs, etc.), to find new water resources becomes critical. Water treatment industry is committed to find ways to maximize the sharing of water resources, we have been able to meet as long as possible to ensure the water supply needs. In the water treatment industry, aging production facilities and external water pipeline, bringing frequent equipment maintenance and waste of resources.

GEROYAL provide customers with holistic solutions for all stages of the water cycle period including the use of the most effective methods for desalination, transport, treatment and distribution of water, as well as recycled water use research and discovery of new uses, and to ensure reliable wastewater treatment sex. GEROYAL control valves by providing products and services to help customers optimize plant and pipeline facilities.
  • Ensure the safety of process control
  • application area
  • automatic system
  • Steam cracking
  • Raw material chemistry
  • Industrial Communication
  • Plastic
  • Man-made fiber
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