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New Landfill Gas Wellhead Products

Michigan, U.S. based QED Environmental Systems has introduced a new line of landfill gas wellheads, well caps, control valves and flow meters.
According to the company, the range, known as the Precision Products line, is designed to allow for precise control and direct measurement of landfill gas flow.
The Precision Flow Meter is a thermal mass flow meter, which the company says can measure and log landfill gas flows directly in scfm without any calculating or need for temperature compensation.
QED claims that the Meter's calibration can be verified without having to send it back to the factory, and that its accuracy, even at low flows, allows the main gas flow meter to be checked, and easily measures header flows, and ensure better valve settings on perimeter wells. It also provides insight into flow patterns in wells and headers.
Meanwhile, the company says that its new Precision Flow Meter Wellhead (2" and 3") is designed to insure the proper placement of the Precision Flow Meter's insertion probe into the gas stream, and features a locking pin system to allow proper orientation of the probe every time. The wellhead includes the Precision Fine Tune Control Valve.
According to QED, the Precision Fine Tune Control Valve (2" and 3") allows for easy and precise adjustment of gas flow from 0-400 scfm, has a built-in position indicator for better control of valve settings, and stainless steel handle and shaft for long-term durability.
New Landfill Gas Well Caps - available for both 6" and 8" diameter gas wells. The company claims that both of these products allow liquid level measurement without removing the wellhead.
The 6" cap is designed for 2" wellheads; the 8" can accommodate 2" or 3" wellheads, and can also be used in combination with a down well pump to remove landfill liquids.
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